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We create and facilitate the relationships that define the industries we work within.

For over 30 years, Byrnes & Rupkey has represented manufacturing and other specialized sectors, continuing a reputation of quality and commitment to providing personal and custom hiring solutions. We connect candidates with opportunities and recogonize their value and potential impact.

As a preferred world class talent acquisition provider, Byrnes & Rupkey is your go to full-service agency for all levels of professional placement.

Reviwing and approving resume

Our process. An experience tailor-made for each client.

1 Job Intake

We collaborate with the client to grasp their job opening's requirements, including position specifications and responsibilities.

2 Candidate Search

We begin by reviewing potential candidates from our database and advertise the job on various platforms and networks.

3 Candidate Evaluation

We screen candidates, conduct initial interviews, and assess their qualifications to align with the job requirements.

4 Candidate Submission

Qualified candidates' comprehensive resumes and detailed profiles are provided to the client for review.

5 Interview Facilitation

Once the client is interested in a candidate, we coordinate the various stages of the interview process.

6 Job Offer Assistance

When the client identifies a candidate to hire, we assist in extending an offer and proceed with the onboarding process.

Our approach.
Putting the right people in the right roles.

At Byrnes & Rupkey, we believe that building top-performing teams requires a personal and collaborative approach to talent acquisition. Our dedicated recruiters are committed to maintaining an understanding of our clients needs as well as the candidates we represent, matching them together to form lasting and productive professional relationships. Our process grows businesses and enables career growth.

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Byrnes & Rupkey leadership team.

Whether you're a client in need of talent or a candidate looking to make your next career move, we can help you.

Kristy Staggs

CEO | President & Owner

Sara Gallagher

Executive Recruiter

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