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Outstanding Company

Byrnes & Rupkey found me a great job. They are very professional and helpful in my job search. Special thanks to Kristy Staggs for landing me the job!

Oluwaseyi | December, 2013

No stress job search

Byrnes & Rupkey helped me find a job in my hometown. I couldn't have done it without them. Special thanks to Kay for being so friendly and professional.

Jim | December, 2013

Fantastic Service

Why didn't we contact Byrnes & Rupkey six months ago?! My fiancé and I moved to the Cedar Valley about six months ago for my job. Since then we have been having a hellish time trying to find a great position for him. The day that he went into the Byrnes & Rupkey office Kay met with him, found a position for him, and scheduled and interview with the company. He started work the following Monday. Very appreciative of this company and what they did for us. I would recommend them to anyone looking for work!

Cat | October, 2013

Great Communication

The team @ B&R helped me find a position in my field quickly. Having Kristy Staggs in my corner greatly reduced my stress level and simplified a complicated process. My new position is a perfect fit and the company's philosophy is right in line with my own. Thanks B&R!

Benjamin | June, 2013

Resourceful and knowledgeable

During the initial phone interview, Kristy listened to my needs and communicated the needs of the company. She asked very good questions and ensured that both parties were interested. I believe she did a very good job because I was hired on with the company and feel it is a very good fit indeed. In addition, there was a "hiccup" along the way; however, Kristy was very quick to resolve the issue and made the process stress-free for me. Well done, and thanks again, Kristy!

JNG | June, 2013

Excellent company, communication and attitudes A+++

Kristy took the time to find a position that fit my goals and current skills. She was quick to respond to any questions and followup was almost instantaneous! Would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to better themselves and their career.

Dan | October, 2012

Oustanding Recruiting Service for Chemical Engineers by A+

Every one in Byrnes & Rupkey Inc. are extremely professional and helpful. They are very friendly, courteous and warm. Their response time is fast and they provide proper guidance. I am extremely satisfied with their performance and highly recommend for any chemical engineer to work with B&R.

Nejib | October, 2012

Job recruitment

My job search was very pleasant with Byrnes and Rupkey. Kristy was very polite, professional and responsive throughout my hiring process. I would highly recommend this agency for employers and job seekers.

Tom | October, 2012

Professional and Outstanding

The best professional placement company in the nation. The staff is very helpful and the communication they have with you is second to none. The work and effort they put in to help you get the most out of a potential job is fantastic. I will certainly tell my friends to use this company when they are looking for a new career.

Carl | July, 2012

Recruiting Service by Chemical Engineer

Byrnes & Rupkey was extremely helpful, professional and courteous. Lois stayed on top of things and was quick to respond with updates.

Manufacturing Management

Very professional, and communication was great. Always followup and helpful every step.

Happy in PA | April, 2012

Fantastic Company!

Kristy Staggs did a fantastic job in finding me the exact type of position I was looking for. She was attentive and kept in touch with me every step of the process. I would recommend her and her company to anyone I know!


John | April, 2012

Recruiting excellence starts with Byrnes & Rupkey

I really felt like Kristy was working for me. She took the time to understand my career needs & wants. Communication exchange was rapid. From time they had my resume until I had an offer was 8 days!


Matt | April, 2012

Manufacturing Engineer

Their hard work led me to a wonderful opportunity that, otherwise, I surely would have missed.

Sbtorino | March, 2012

Thank you

Lois- Just wanted to send you a few lines letting you know that I really appreciate the work you put into helping me land this position.  This really is a big advancement for me and being recognized for the skills I’ve developed is really a fulfilling feeling.

Again- thanks for all your hard work.  Hey, get a load of the title!  You’re the best, Lois.

Matt | December, 2010