Fee Structure

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Fee Structure

For Detailed Fee Structures and Guarantees

Contact any member of our talent acquisition team:


Talent referred directly or indirectly to potential employers creates an obligation only if the employer hires them directly or indirectly within one year of referral. The fee for permanent employment to be paid by the employer is proportional to the first years’ compensation. The rate will be discussed and in writing upon submission of job order and start of search.

Invoice Payment

The employer paid fee for our service is earned and payable on the candidate’s acceptance of your offer of employment and is DUE in the Waterloo, Iowa office no more than 10 days from commencement of employment. Invoices shall be rendered with each placement. Negotiated fees and guarantees will not be valid if payment is not made in a timely manner.

Contract Employment

For each candidate referred for contract placement, you will be provided an invoice with an hourly billing rate. Each employee placed under this shorter term type of placement will become a regular employee of our service bureau and is not permitted to work on your assignments as an independent contractor requiring a Federal 1099 form. If a pending contract placement becomes a permanent placement, all sections of the fee schedule on permanent placement apply and govern, unless prior arrangements for a conversion fee have been made in writing.