Great Experience!!

I had the pleasure of working with Byrnes & Rupkey! This was the best experience I had working with an agency. Very professional and very helpful! If I ever need assistance in the future, Byrnes & Rupkey will be the agency of my choice.

Thank you

I had a wonderful experience with Byrnes & Rupkey. First time I have worked with their agency. Very helpful and professional. Highly recommended!

Renee | June, 2016

Thank you

I had a wonderful experience with Byrnes & Rupkey. First time I have worked with their agency. Very helpful and professional. Highly recommended!

Renee | June, 2016

Professional, Prompt - Great Experience!!!

Although this was my first time I interacted with Byrnes & Rupkey, I must confess that they did not disappoint me. Right from the time, I shared my resume with them over an email for a job posting, till I finally received an offer letter, all the staff members, whom I interacted with, were professional, courteous, helpful, prompt, and very kind. I was given the right background of my employer, the right set of resources (interview questionnaires), and support to land an awesome career opportunity. A big thank you to Kay, Katy & Lois! Godspeed!!!

Ash | December, 2015

Great Agency

Absolutely professional, very helpful, quick to respond and there with you every step of the way. I would recommend Byrnes and Rupkey to anyone looking to work with an agency.

Brendan D | November, 2015

Great Agency

Byrnes & Rupkey has a great services with their clients. They response fast and very helpful. Great agency I've worked with. Thank you very much, Lois

Jonny Soth | September, 2015

Great Experience

Best agency I've worked with. Very professional and thorough. Stayed in touch throughout answering every question. Highly recommend the team at Byrnes & Rupkey. Thanks Lois!

Kevin Sweasy | September, 2015

Thank you!

Best agency out there... Very professional and there for you through the entire process...highly recommend

David Fellows | August, 2015

Highly Recommended

For very professional, and personalized service, I highly recommend byrnes & Rupkey. Kay really helped me a lot with finding me a great job and sent me items for interviewing how to be professional and also the talent in being able to recognize a good fit between candidate and employer. She works with me every moment until she was able to succeed in doing this for me!

Thank you! | June, 2015

Highly Recommended

For the highest level of professional, personalized service, I highly recommend Byrnes & Rupkey. Lois has a special talent in being able to recognize a good fit from both the candidate and employer perspective. She works tirelessly to ensure a successful placement.

Teresa | May, 2015

Best Staffing Experience

I have worked with several staffing firms both on the employer representative and the candidate side and I can say that working with Byrnes & Rupkey has by far been my best experience.Katy Paulsen sourced and reached out to me about an exciting career opportunity in another state that I likely never would have discovered with serious interest on my own. There was no hard selling involved but rather just the facts were presented in a sufficiently persuasive manner to consider, research, and evaluate likely fit from my perspective.Then throughout the entire interview and hiring process, Byrnes and Rupkey really showed their comparative value. Some staffing firms I have experienced will only respond to any of your inquiries if they are absolutely convinced they will get a successful placement. That is definitely not the approach I experienced with Byrnes and Rupkey.Katy and Lois consistently demonstrated their commitment to superior customer service and overall excellence in working with both the candidate and the client. Together they ensured that I was sufficiently prepared for each interview by providing highly relevant information about the role, the company, and the culture; and by reaching out to the employer directly on my behalf for any reasonable request for information.In summary, I give a wholehearted recommendation to Byrnes & Rupkey for their concierge level of customer service, which is evident in how they seem to treat each candidate as their most important candidate.

Greatful Placement | April, 2015

Thank you!

Thanks to Kristy for her help in my job. I was well informed and prepared for my interview. I would recommend to anyone in their job search.

Well done! | April, 2015

Outstanding Company

Byrnes & Rupkey found me a great job. They are very professional and helpful in my job search. Special thanks to Kristy Staggs for landing me the job!

Oluwaseyi | December, 2013

No stress job search

Byrnes & Rupkey helped me find a job in my hometown. I couldn't have done it without them. Special thanks to Kay for being so friendly and professional.

Jim | December, 2013

Fantastic Service

Why didn't we contact Byrnes & Rupkey six months ago?! My fiancé and I moved to the Cedar Valley about six months ago for my job. Since then we have been having a hellish time trying to find a great position for him. The day that he went into the Byrnes & Rupkey office Kay met with him, found a position for him, and scheduled and interview with the company. He started work the following Monday. Very appreciative of this company and what they did for us. I would recommend them to anyone looking for work!

Cat | October, 2013