IPA's #1 Counselor and Agency 2014

IPA's #1 Counselor and Agency 2014

Posted on Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Lois Rupkey was named IPA's #1 Counselor and Placer of the Year for 2014. Byrnes & Rupkey, Inc. was also named the #1 Agency.

It is an honor to be named IPA’s Number One Counselor and Number One Agency of The Year for the 2nd year in a row. We again count as blessings our colleagues within IPA.  

It was during the last week in January, 2015 that I looked more closely at the friendships and trading partners we have in IPA. The end of January happens to be“1099” time. Linda, who would normally do these for me, was out of the office. My turn! I found the file in Linda’s desk and began the process of getting the 1099 information. I thought ‘this will be easy, we always trade with the same people.’ Was I surprised? I had lots of calls to make to new IPA trading partners. As I looked back at Linda’s records, I realized that even as we cherish the relationships we have with IPA affiliates that have been strong trading partners during our 15 plus years in IPA, each year new ones had been added.

How they were added? Some called us. Others we reached out to. An InstaSearch turned into a placement. The placement came from a new connection at a meeting.

Whichever way we connected, for the ability to trade and share talent within IPA, I say THANK YOU.

You have all met my staff over the years in person, over the phone, or maybe via email. Last year I told you what they meant to me. The faces haven’t changed nor has my admiration of them. What else can I tell you about them without being redundant?

When I was asked to facilitate the round table on Millennials, I will admit I groaned and that groan led to a lively discussion among my staff.

At my office we range from the Silent Generation to Generation Y.

Kay Gienger comes from the Silent Generation, telling childhood stories that include having only one Christmas gift under the tree and for that she was grateful. Never SILENT at our office she is a person we all admire. She can graciously woo and charm both client and applicant alike! She has been with me for 20 years!

Linda Modderman and I are Baby Boomers, albeit bookends of that generation. Linda is Byrnes & Rupkey’s ‘reason for being’. She patiently posts all

of our jobs, reposts them with changes and removes them as needed. She has been with me for 21 years. She is patient and organized and keeps the business on an even keel.

Two of my employees fall into the Gen X and the Millennial Generation ‘overlap’, which is a 6 year window. Kristy Staggs and Sara Gallagher claim both generations. The healthy wholesomeness they bring to us each day in the values they hold true rejuvenate us all. Kristy has been with me for 19 years and Sara has been with me for 11 years. Young mothers, we watch in amazement how they can juggle so much within one day and still add to the success of Byrnes & Rupkey.

Next my two true Gen Y’s/Millennials, Katy Paulsen and Jessica Gibbs. They are computer literate. Thank the Lord! They do change very well. They have patience with those of us not so computer savvy. Their ability to kindly tell us over and over again allows Byrnes & Rupkey to continue forward to Gen Z and to understand the Millennials. Katy is completing her 2nd year with us. A Baton Twirler, she knows how to twirl us up a notch or two. Jessica has been with me for two years on a part time basis. Her patience and willingness to RMS our candidates, search our data base for talent and CODE with the infamous IPA codes is wonderful. They both take on any task we ask of them with a simple willingness!

With four generations coming together to work together 5 days a week I see energy pass from one to another. I wish I could say I had a magic formula. I don’t! What I can say is that I have a magic team!