IPA’s #1 Counselor & #1 Agency

IPA’s #1 Counselor & #1 Agency

Posted on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

IPA’s #1 Counselor & #1 Agency

Lois Rupkey, Byrnes & Rupkey, Inc.

I have my own parking space with a parking sign that says Wonder Woman! My employees gave
me that a few years back. I am not sure if they know, but the only way I could achieve that status
was to have each and every one of my Wonder Women pushing, lifting and carrying me over the

I am blessed beyond measure to have years of working together with these phenomenal Wonder
Women as both colleagues and friends.

A driven and diverse group we are, separated by 50 years between youngest and oldest!
DRIVEN...let me count the ways:

"D" – Kristy drives an hour each day to work, Iowa winters and all. Girl Scout leader and awesome
mom, she also takes pride in producing for her client companies. Outstanding referrals have
built her client base. No slacker here!

"R" – Kay garners the respect of all of us in her endless smiles, a special laugh and work ethic. One
day a man called. He was out in our parking lot but couldn't get into our office as he had only
one leg. Kay went out to his truck to speak to him. Amazing kindness that never fails!

"I" – Linda is intuitive in posting our jobs and uses the right words to drive candidates to Byrnes &
Rupkey. Have a computer issue? Linda stands behind you and it magically goes away! A
new grandma, she glows in this new part of her life.

"V" – Sara is valued beyond measure by each and every one of us. We ask her to qualify
candidates to ALL of our jobs. She remembers the nuances of each job with each resume she
looks at and candidate she talks to. Time to leave for the day, she picks up her twin boys and
begins her super mom day.

"E" – Katy is energetic and enthusiastic as she earns her wonder woman badge of honour. She has
been with us just under a year. Her ability to move between agency needs has been
phenomenal. She came to us knowing there is no "I" in team!

"N" – Jessica is needed. A delightful addition to our team, Jessica enjoys data entry and is very
willing to keep our records accurate. She never knows what may be on her desk when she
arrives each day. A pile of inputting a foot high or a barrage of searches that her fellow
superwomen want done NOW!

Our success comes through much laughter, a bell that rings, a 'dammit' doll that gets banged and
chocolate that gets consumed!

The old cliche proves true at Byrnes & Rupkey. Not one of us is successful on our own, but we all
are successful as a whole, each held up by one another.

God Bless my team, every one!

(l to r) Sara Gallagher, Kay Gienger, Lois Rupkey,
Kristy Staggs, Katy Paulsen, Linda Modderman &
Jessica Gibbs