How To Handle Career Gaps On Your Resume

How To Handle Career Gaps On Your Resume

Posted on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

How to handle career gaps on your resume

Don Goodman, Careerealism

CHICAGO, IL -- There are generally four reasons to have a gap on your resume: 1) Raised A Family: This is a legitimate reason to have a gap so don't try to hide it. Just say you invested in providing a stable environment for your family. To indicate that your skills are fresh, list the volunteer jobs you did to showcase your skills that support your theme.

2) Unemployed: Gaps due to unemployment are common. If you haven't worked in a year or more, and you took some temporary jobs, bunch them under the heading "Temporary Positions" and indicate you selected to take some temporary roles while searching for the next full-time job opportunity. You can include volunteer work, consulting jobs and part-time roles here too.

3) Family Matters: Dealing with this is simple. Just list Sabbatical and state, "Dealt with urgent family matters now fully resolved." When it comes up in an interview, just say, "I always give 110% to my job and I knew I could not do that at this time, so I decided to take the time off. However, everything is resolved now and I am ready to hit the ground running." 4) Furthering Education: No one can fault someone for furthering their knowledge and value, so just treat this like another job and put a notation that you were pursuing a XX degree/certification.